Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Warnings Associated With the Operation of Wood Fireplace Inserts

Wood fireplace inserts are relatively easier to use compared to the conventional traditional wood burning fireplaces. Inappropriate use, though, may lead to a host of hazards, some of which could be disastrous. Indeed, if the information that is so clearly stipulated in the manufacturer’s instruction manual is not followed with precision, a house fire could erupt and cause damage or loss of chattels, personal injury, or the loss of life of the occupants thereof. Napoleon fireplace inserts must never be operated if the operation instructions are not carefully read and accurately adhered to.

Napoleon fireplace inserts come with instructions therein packaged that have dedicated sections dealing with warnings while other parts give caution at different times in their installation, operation and maintenance. Cautions indicate hazardous events which, if not minded and carefully avoided may result to slight injury. Warnings, on the other hand, indicate hazardous events which, if not heeded may culminate to death or high degree injury. Warnings are given on different situations that regard, but are not limited to, the following;

First, there are warnings given about hot surfaces: No hands should be placed on glass or other napoleon fireplace inserts‘surfaces are extremely hot during operation and in the duration in the cooling down. Hot glass has the capacity to cause terrible burns. Children should never be allowed to come into contact with such hot surfaces and they must be supervised carefully when they are in the same room as the fireplace inserts. A dealer may suggest that a user attach a fixed decorative glass shields to protect children from coming into contact with wood fireplace inserts.

Also, it is warned that fire risks are apparent if users take combustible materials other than wood into wood fireplace inserts. Other fire risks are likely to occur if any damaged appliances will be installed. To avoid fire risks, there should be no modification whatsoever to the napoleon fireplace inserts. Installation and operation with accessories or components that are not certified and/or approved by the manufacturer also could cause fire risks. All operations must be done after assembly of all the components. Wood fireplace inserts should also not be over-fired (whereby the unit connectors glow as an indication). To prevent over-firing do not use any flammable liquids (for instance, gasoline, or kerosene, or any of the wood/ charcoal lighter fuels), do not overstuff the appliances with wood, and do not allow too much oxygen (room air) into the fire.

There are many warnings that could be given in the operation of wood fireplace inserts but all are geared towards ensuring maximum safety of the user. If carefully adhered to, these warnings are life saving and following them can save a lot of potential damage to property or personal injuries. It is, therefore, imperative that they be read carefully, understood, and keenly followed so as to achieve the bests results initially intended. Napoleon fireplace inserts are magnificent and add a lot of splendor to any living room, but if mishandled they may be hazardous.

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