Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why Value Point Distribution is Our Very Own Shopping Solution

Having moved to a new home with my family, my husband and I agreed on the idea of turning our own backyard into our very own outdoor living escape! And since we are residing in a region where winter seasons come regularly, we thought that having a hot tub at the convenience of our very own living space would be a fantastic idea!

We began searching for some nice hot tub and spa units at the home and bath shops in our area to see their available offerings. There were some very fantastic units out there with even more amazing features but sadly they were just way off our allocated budget. So instead, we tried searching for other sources by asking some family and friends about where we could get one at a lesser price.

Of all people, I didn’t expect that I would get a nice recommendation from my boss when she had overheard a conversation that a work buddy and I were having. She told me to try looking at value point distribution reviews and that I won’t regret it. Needless to say, I heeded my boss’s advise and told me hubby about it the same night.

We looked into value point’s website and was impressed by the wide range of home appliances that they offer. From hot tubs to portable spas and barbecue grills to fireplaces and gazebos and more, you name it, they have it. But what caught our attention even more is that they offer them at evidently more affordable prices than what we have seen elsewhere and they also have a friendly sales staff who helped us through the daunting process of selecting a hot tub that is best for our budget, needs, and priorities.

After analyzing our priorities, the helpful sales rep recommended the X-500 from Dream Maker Hot Tubs. Now this is a luxurious piece of home spa that I’ve also seen in a local home improvement store, but what’s amazing is that value point offers it at only $3,499 – that’s $400 less than those that we have seen!

We didn’t waste time and started arranging for our order, and we were even treated to more wonderful surprises as we have learned that they also offer zero percent sales tax and free shipping on orders!

 This is definitely huge savings for our budget because as we know, big and luxurious pieces of home appliances such as hot tubs involve heavy charges too when it comes to delivery!

Soon enough, me, my hubby, and our whole family were enjoying the warm and bubbly waters that our very own portable hot tub offers. Thanks to valuepointdistribution, having one wasn’t a problem at all when it comes to budget, usage, and overall enjoyment!

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