Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Value Point Distribution – Setting a Good Example for other Online Retailers to Follow

Value point distribution, the humble E-commerce store based in Mills Valley, California, has recently topped the charts as one of the hottest name in the luxury home appliance industry today. They have been providing hot tubs, swimming spas, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, barbecue grills, gazebos, and other luxury home appliances for only a few years now, and yet they managed to soar amidst the tight competition quickly, but safely. So what exactly are the reasons behind reviews and its success in the E-commerce trade? Here are they are:

They Make Luxury Home Appliances More Affordable

Value point guarantees more affordable pricing on their entire featured luxury home appliance because they are partners with their carried manufacturers. These top of the line manufacturers include QCA Spas, Dream Maker Hot Tubs, Fire Magic Grill, Napoleon Fireplaces, and Cal Flame. Such partnership allows them to obtain the products as soon as they have been made in the factories and away from the hands of unwanted third parties who only causes the product’s prices to become more expensive because of their own cuts. As a result, consumers are able to get more savings for any and every appliance that they get from them.

Outstanding Customer Care

Most of the other online retailers tend to neglect on customer care. However, value point distribution breaks free from such a stigma in the world of online retail, because they have real professionals behind their customer service team. This team includes highly trained tech support agents who are fully experts in the technical aspects of their carried products.

These people are ready to handle and take care of any customer concerns regarding their order, may it be the product installation, care, usage, maintenance, repair, parts replacement, shipping, etc. They also have very helpful salespeople who are dedicated in bringing customers only the most excellent product for their wants, needs, budgets, and priorities. They work just like professional consultants except you don’t have to spend for paying their consultation fees. That’s right. You get the professional service for absolutely free!

Fast and Worry Free Shipping

Another praiseworthy quality that value point distribution reviews has is their guaranteed fast and safe delivery. Despite being in the home appliance industry, where they cater luxurious and bulky home appliances, they can deliver the orders to their customer’s doorsteps in as little as eight days – absolutely free!

With the above excellent qualities that value point distribution has, there is no doubt why they lead the online retail industry of luxury home appliances. Aside from boosting the E-commerce trade, they also get to set a good example for other existing and upcoming E-commerce companies to follow.

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