Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Online Shopping Just Got Even Better with Value Point Distribution

Despite being in the E-commerce trade scene for only a handful of years now, value point distribution has already placed itself among the top ranks in the industry today due to their smart and effective business model. They have become the go-to place for consumers worldwide when it comes to their luxury home appliance needs in just a short time and created a buzz in the world of E-commerce. So what comprises their business model you might wonder? Well, here they are:

Setting itself Apart from the Tight Competition

One of the most critical traits behind value point distribution’s E-commerce conquest is that they offer the most affordable pricing on the luxury outdoor living appliances that they offer. This has been done possible by their fantastic partnership with their presented brands including Cal Flame, Napoleon Fireplaces, Fire Magic Grills, Dream Maker Hot Tubs, and QCA Spas. Such partnership allows the E-commerce company to acquire the products straight from the brand’s factories before selling them to consumers directly, at the most affordable prices possible rather than having to pass through the hands of certain middlemen that only pushes the product’s prices higher due to their trade cuts. Additionally, they also get to guarantee the freshness and safety of the product with the smart direct trading system.

Excellent Customer Service Available 24/7

Unfortunately, online shopping has been quite tainted with some cheap online retailers that show no concern for customers, and leave them alone with their orders after they got the money. However, value point distribution breaks away from all this and helps clean the name of online trading by their excellent customer care.

The customer care team behind reviews consists of two divisions. One is the tech support staff who takes care of customer inquiries and concerns regarding their order, may it be the installation of the appliance, usage, cleaning, repair, maintenance, parts replacement, shipping, and the likes. And the other is the sales team which is always at the ready to help buyers lock down on the best possible product for them through a professional but friendly approach. This involves analyzing the customer’s wants, needs, budgets, and other priorities and then pair them with certain recommendations to find the best one that will suit the most excellently.

The excellent combination of savings and customer care that value point has clearly shown why they are one of the most trusted names when it comes to online shopping of home appliances. No matter if you’re searching for a relaxing tub or spa in your home or perhaps a r barbecue grill for your outdoor kitchen, then look no further than value point distribution because they have it all taken care of for you!


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  2. Deborah Massen must be an employee of this company because this is the biggest pile of crap I have ever read. Value Point Distribution has dreadful customer service. They won't reply to emails or return phone calls. Google them and read all the bad reviews. Horrible!!