Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Valuepointdistribution Outsmarts its Competitors

Value point distribution has been around the E-commerce scene for only a few years and yet the company has already established itself as one of the most renowned names in the industry nowadays. So a lot of people have wondered, how exactly does valuepointdistribution outsmart the tight competition?
What Sets Value Point Distribution Apart from its Contemporaries?

Perhaps the main ingredient behind value point distribution’s success is that they successfully offer the lowest possible prices on luxury home appliances. This is made feasible by their wonderful partnership with their carried high-ticket brands such as Napoleon Fireplaces, Cal Flame, Fire Magic Grills, QCA Spas, and Dream Maker Hot Tubs.

This partnership enables them to get the appliances straight from the manufacturing factories prior to serving to their customers directly, instead of having to go through the hands of several third parties that only make the products pricier and even compromise its quality.

Professional Customer Service that Actually Cares

Sadly, online shopping has become associated with cheap online retailers that don’t even care about customers, hence, they offer no customer service hotlines at all. But value point distribution sets itself as a good example in the E-commerce trade as they have a professional team of customer service staff that actually cares. These customer service personnel are divided into two teams – the tech support staff and the sales force.

The tech support representatives are highly trained and fully knowledgeable about their carried products so you can rest assured that all your questions regarding the appliance, such as the usage, installation, parts replacement, service, repair, maintenance, shipping, return, etc.

will all be answered accurately and clearly. The friendly sales representatives on the other hand, are dedicating to helping shoppers get the best product for their budget and priorities. They do this through a consultative approach which is just like consulting a professional for yourself, but they offer free service that’s right at your fingertips.

Fast and Safe Shipping at no Extra Costs

Value point distribution has also wowed the crowd with its fast and safe shipping guarantee that comes absolutely free and zero % sales tax for even bigger savings! With the wonderful partnership that value point distribution reviews has with their presented brands, they are able to ship to their customer’s doorsteps, faster and safer – with the high quality you expect from your order, completely intact!
So if ever you’re searching for a nice hot tub, swimming spa, outdoor grill, fire pit, or perhaps have some questions about luxury home products to get to your home, visiting value point distribution will surely be worth it!

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