Wednesday, September 21, 2011


When looking into the purchase gun safes, the owner needs to decide what factors are motivating this purchase. Reasons can include, young children in the home, an antique piece that should be proudly display, owner wants to keep gun hidden/locked from intruders, protected from fire/water damage, etc. there are many types of gun safe and shotgun safes available, to fit every individual lifestyle and current d├ęcor.

If you don’t have a gun safe or shotgun safes it’s only a matter of time before one of your kids, or one of their friends, gets into your guns and starts trying to play with them or check them out. This is not something you want to happen because when your guns are getting played with without you knowing, there’s no telling what kind of bad things will happen. You’re liable to come home from work one day to find your kid with his hand blown off or something worse!

Here’s are different types of safes;

·         Shotgun - Just like the name suggests, this type of safe is used to store shotguns. There are people who have antique shotguns that are priceless. Therefore, it would be appropriate to store them in the best gun safe for shotguns safes. Storing your shotguns in a specific safe makes it easier to organize especially is you have a very large collection.
·         Gun mini vault - One of the best gun safes for hand guns and smaller firearms, as well as ideal for storing jewelry and other valuables, this sturdy 16 gauge steel safe can be transported easily when necessary and can also be affixed to a wall to prevent theft of the safe itself. The lock is a digital code, and you can program in your own codes to help you remember. The locking mechanism itself is high strength and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about people breaking it, while the inside is lined with foam to protect the contents from damage.
·         Closet vault-in wall - Perhaps the best gun safe for large guns like rifles and shotguns, these wall shotgun safes easily mounts on most walls in between wall studs. There are two locking choices with this model; either a tubular key or with a mechanical combination lock. In an emergency, when time is against you, you can use whichever method you find the fastest. A felt lining on the bottom of this safe and an adjustable foam barrel support, customizable for each barrel size, will keep your guns in the best condition. With the door mounting right into the frame, prying and tampering will be almost impossible. This best gun safe is also suitable for storing other valuables and can be ordered with an extra shelf or handgun bracket.
·         Secure Logic Biometric Pistol Safe - Many believe that the best gun safe lock is a biometric lock, which reads the user’s fingerprints to open the lock. This is particularly useful in an emergency, when you don’t have time to search for keys. This model is wall mounted, making it a permanent feature in your home and making it almost impossible for thieves to steal the safe itself, with the intent on opening it later. 

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