Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Out of the many improvements you can make to your own home, one that might have come across as attractive is an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen provides more cooking and eating space for get togethers or for your personal usage when the weather is nice. Like many out there flame broiled or food cooked over charcoal is irresistible, not many people have an area other than a simple grill dedicated to making excellent food.

After you’ve chosen the parts you want to use, you can draw up a design using the measurements. Most commonly either a solid brick or cut stone structure or by making a wooden frame, waterproofing it and adding the siding of your choice, whether it’s brick or old postage stamps. You will want to make sure your structure is as sturdy as it can be since it will more than likely be holding up a considerable amount of weight.

Notching the vertical 2 x4’s for better support of the horizontal ones will add some extra stability and doubling 2x4 around where the grill or other heavy appliances for extra support of heavier appliances is a good idea as well. After you’ve built your frame add your cut plywood and cement backer board. The backer board is to waterproof and better insulate the structure. After this apply your choice of siding. If you’re laying tile, stone, stucco or brick. Choose your countertops or makes some of your own, add your kitchen parts and you’re ready to go. An over head roof of some kind wouldn’t be bad idea; especially on those rainy days you really want a flame broiled steak or hamburger.

If you’re serious about designing and building an outdoor kitchen, a good place to start looking for parts would be companies like R.H. Peterson, Fire Magic, sun grills, Cal Flame, Firestone offer up top quality. Name like sun grill not only quality stainless steel (which is used by professionals) grills, but also a huge variety of stainless accessories such as cabinets, side burners, re-fridgeration units, smokers and charcoal drop ins.

An awesome thing you can incorporate into your design which is not often seen or used is a flame stoked pizza oven. These ovens are heated by a fire that is built inside to heat the masonry, when the flames die down to smaller embers you can clear a space for a pizza or other oven cooked food that won’t compare to anything you’ve ever had before. These ovens are often just a brick structure with an opening for wood and food, a chimney is optional, if you do install a chimney do not put it directly above the fire or else the masonry will never hold the heat. If you do not install a chimney, be advised over time the opening will probably start to turn black from the smoke. It might be a good idea not to cement the oven surface bricks together, should they start to crack they will be easier to replace.

There are many websites online that you can find which offer great products, often times to make sure the convenience of ordering from your computer remains good in quality, free shipping and telephone or chat service is made available to you.

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