Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Designing an outdoor kitchen can not only be a valuable experience, but also prove to save you money. An outdoor kitchen is great for not only get-together,  they can also greatly assist those grill food fanatics, since most don’t have a hood fan suitable for indoor open flame grilling, the outdoor grill is typical in most homes.
Before you can draw up a design you will need to have measurements of all the parts that you will be including in the design. Brands like sun grills offer up top quality, just like what the professionals use. Brands like sun grill not only offer top quality grills, but also almost anything you could possibly need for an outdoor kitchen, things like cabinets, sinks, side burners and so much. After you have chosen the accessories you would like to include in your kitchen, and have the measurements, you can begin to build.

An outdoor kitchen grill is fairly easy to construct and there should be no need for you to hire someone. Simply take your measurements and draw up a plane. From there you can build a frame using pressure treated 2x4’s, screwing them together. Keep in consideration any features you will be adding such as your grill, cabinets, speakers, controls, side burners, refrigerators. Cut some pressure treated plywood, leaving areas for your appliances and also ventilation holes which are important so that if there is a leak in a gas hose, the gas won’t build up within the structure.

Attach the plywood with construction adhesive and screws. Next you have an option of adding backing board for better insulation, if not you can just add builders felt and wire mesh. The wire mesh should be on top of the felt and rough side facing out. Next you apply your type S mortar and score it using a scoring tool. Add your siding of choice such as tile, or stone. If you would like wood siding skip these steps and add it directly to the plywood or backer board.

After you siding is up add the counter tops, outdoor kitchen cabinets, any other accessories and you’re ready to cook. It is a good idea to add some type of shelter to protect your kitchen area from the elements. You do have some other options such as brick or large stone. These options are nice because they leave you the option to build a fire place or fire stoked oven at the same time.

Every once in a while you come across a flame stoked oven; they are usually made from stone or brick and shaped like a dome. A special hinge tool will help you to have exact placement of bricks to create a dome. A chimney is optional, as long as there is somewhere for the smoke to escape. If you do put a chimney put it near the front, otherwise all the heat from the fire will escape out of it, instead of soaking into the bricks. After the fire turns into coals and the oven is hot you can brush away the ash for a place to cook, brick ovens are famous for old fashioned style bread, pizza and many other cooking options as well.

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