Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Out of the many improvements you can make to your own home, one that might have come across as attractive is an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen provides more cooking and eating space for get togethers or for your personal usage when the weather is nice. Like many out there flame broiled or food cooked over charcoal is irresistible, not many people have an area other than a simple grill dedicated to making excellent food.

After you’ve chosen the parts you want to use, you can draw up a design using the measurements. Most commonly either a solid brick or cut stone structure or by making a wooden frame, waterproofing it and adding the siding of your choice, whether it’s brick or old postage stamps. You will want to make sure your structure is as sturdy as it can be since it will more than likely be holding up a considerable amount of weight.

Notching the vertical 2 x4’s for better support of the horizontal ones will add some extra stability and doubling 2x4 around where the grill or other heavy appliances for extra support of heavier appliances is a good idea as well. After you’ve built your frame add your cut plywood and cement backer board. The backer board is to waterproof and better insulate the structure. After this apply your choice of siding. If you’re laying tile, stone, stucco or brick. Choose your countertops or makes some of your own, add your kitchen parts and you’re ready to go. An over head roof of some kind wouldn’t be bad idea; especially on those rainy days you really want a flame broiled steak or hamburger.

If you’re serious about designing and building an outdoor kitchen, a good place to start looking for parts would be companies like R.H. Peterson, Fire Magic, sun grills, Cal Flame, Firestone offer up top quality. Name like sun grill not only quality stainless steel (which is used by professionals) grills, but also a huge variety of stainless accessories such as cabinets, side burners, re-fridgeration units, smokers and charcoal drop ins.

An awesome thing you can incorporate into your design which is not often seen or used is a flame stoked pizza oven. These ovens are heated by a fire that is built inside to heat the masonry, when the flames die down to smaller embers you can clear a space for a pizza or other oven cooked food that won’t compare to anything you’ve ever had before. These ovens are often just a brick structure with an opening for wood and food, a chimney is optional, if you do install a chimney do not put it directly above the fire or else the masonry will never hold the heat. If you do not install a chimney, be advised over time the opening will probably start to turn black from the smoke. It might be a good idea not to cement the oven surface bricks together, should they start to crack they will be easier to replace.

There are many websites online that you can find which offer great products, often times to make sure the convenience of ordering from your computer remains good in quality, free shipping and telephone or chat service is made available to you.


Designing an outdoor kitchen can not only be a valuable experience, but also prove to save you money. An outdoor kitchen is great for not only get-together,  they can also greatly assist those grill food fanatics, since most don’t have a hood fan suitable for indoor open flame grilling, the outdoor grill is typical in most homes.
Before you can draw up a design you will need to have measurements of all the parts that you will be including in the design. Brands like sun grills offer up top quality, just like what the professionals use. Brands like sun grill not only offer top quality grills, but also almost anything you could possibly need for an outdoor kitchen, things like cabinets, sinks, side burners and so much. After you have chosen the accessories you would like to include in your kitchen, and have the measurements, you can begin to build.

An outdoor kitchen grill is fairly easy to construct and there should be no need for you to hire someone. Simply take your measurements and draw up a plane. From there you can build a frame using pressure treated 2x4’s, screwing them together. Keep in consideration any features you will be adding such as your grill, cabinets, speakers, controls, side burners, refrigerators. Cut some pressure treated plywood, leaving areas for your appliances and also ventilation holes which are important so that if there is a leak in a gas hose, the gas won’t build up within the structure.

Attach the plywood with construction adhesive and screws. Next you have an option of adding backing board for better insulation, if not you can just add builders felt and wire mesh. The wire mesh should be on top of the felt and rough side facing out. Next you apply your type S mortar and score it using a scoring tool. Add your siding of choice such as tile, or stone. If you would like wood siding skip these steps and add it directly to the plywood or backer board.

After you siding is up add the counter tops, outdoor kitchen cabinets, any other accessories and you’re ready to cook. It is a good idea to add some type of shelter to protect your kitchen area from the elements. You do have some other options such as brick or large stone. These options are nice because they leave you the option to build a fire place or fire stoked oven at the same time.

Every once in a while you come across a flame stoked oven; they are usually made from stone or brick and shaped like a dome. A special hinge tool will help you to have exact placement of bricks to create a dome. A chimney is optional, as long as there is somewhere for the smoke to escape. If you do put a chimney put it near the front, otherwise all the heat from the fire will escape out of it, instead of soaking into the bricks. After the fire turns into coals and the oven is hot you can brush away the ash for a place to cook, brick ovens are famous for old fashioned style bread, pizza and many other cooking options as well.


Considered to owning a spa is a budget, How much is available to spend for a new hot tub. Planning is the most important part of any project, and building a hottub is no different. Before you spend a single penny on any equipment or materials you should know exactly what you want your completed hot tub to be like.

How big will it be? How many and which type jets will you use? Where will you position it? Where should you locate the pump, heater and filter? Will you set it in the ground, or will it be above ground, or even a mix of the two? A hot tub is a luxurious way to relax a busy mind and rejuvenate tired limbs. Find the hot tub that exactly suits your needs and environment.

Tips in buying a Hot Tub accessories;
Remote control to set the bath condition up to a certain distance from the tub.
Safety rails for safe entry and exit from the tub.
Panel locking for safety
Water Jets which are or different types. Discuss with supplier so you get what you really want.
Storage cabinets for the chemicals and other items needed for the hottubs.
Automatic shut off feature for cost saving.

The company called Coleman’s Bright Ideas for your Home located at East Loop, Fort Worth, TX is a dealer of the brand HotSpring™ hot tub spa for 28 years. This brand stability and experience is unrivaled in this marketplace. Hot Spot hot tub with quality and spa features that can be enjoyed on any budget. Featuring two round spas and two square spas Hot Spot blends quality with value. One of their model is The Tempo, Champagne Opal Shell with Redwood Cabinet.

The entertainment of this hot tub spa are wireless sound system, wireless tv and Integrated MP3 sound system. Similar to many of the water features found on more expensive models, the Hot Spot water feature delivers a wide fanned out stream of water up into the air and into the spa's center. The sights and sounds of this waterfall play perfectly into what a Hot Spot Spa is all about- Relaxation.They have lots of model to choose on.

Morgan Hot Tub Spa dealer loacated in South Freeway, Fort Worth, Tx., offering many innovative accessories for your spa and hot tub, from the insulated spa covers to the waterproof, floating Mp3 player. What you should look for as an accessory to your home is a luxury hot tub. Luxury hot tubs supersede regular hot tubs with many defining features. For the ultimate in relaxation many include a dispenser for commercially made aroma therapy oils specially designed for spas.

For even greater relaxation many include mood lighting. Because your spa will be an accessory to your home there are many commercially available spa enclosures. To enhance the mood with sound and sensation there are waterfalls and fountains.

Also bear in mind that any tub can pose a danger to children. Always use a lockable safety cover and never leave children alone near an uncovered tub. Make sure your tub conforms to current safety standards. Have it regularly checked and serviced by a professional.


Choosing a hot tub can be a gratuitous task. You should take your time when choosing a hot tub and do your research. There is a lot to consider, things like electricity consumption, installation bills, costs of chemicals. One of the primary worries about purchasing a hot tubs spas is the extra money per month that they use. Not only is electricity waste an issue for you your bank account, but also the environment. Here are some things that you can do to try and cut down on electricity consumption:
The California Energy Commission issues CA Title 20 to hot tub models that meet their standards of energy efficiency in operation, hot tubs that have this title often have modern patented components that are designed to conserve energy.  Some names to look for include Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, Beachcomber, dreammakers spas and Arctic Spas.
Features such as using a Venturi air injector as opposed to an air pump requires no electricity
Get the best advanced computer controls you can afford, by having more control over the components the more altering you can do from factory settings according to your personal usage.
Insulation for a hot tub is key, the higher the R rating on the hot tubs cover, the more energy rich air coming from the water can be kept inside to keep the water heating. Six inches of foam insulation is recommended for the insulation of the tub inside the cabinet, never fiberglass because should it become wet it becomes worthless. The pump, motor and heating element should all be as close to the tub itself as possible so that useful heat energy can be transferred and put to good use.
Hot tub spas enclosures can help provide small area for your hot to be in that not only provides you from shelter from outdoor elements, but also prevents the abundance of cooler air from cooling the tub while it’s in use, and even when it’s not.
If you live in the Syracuse area, below are some locations of some dealers, as well as the brand names that they carry. This should give you some information to get you started on your research ahead of time without having to waste a trip out.
Located on West Taft Road is Cannon Pools and Spas. They primarily carry primarily Bahama Spas.
On West Genesee Street is Cool Waters Pool & Spa – They carry name brands like Bullfrog Spas, Saratoga Spas, Adirondack Spa, Gyser Spas and of course spa chemicals.
Tarson Pool and Spas is located on Manlius Center Rd – they carry Jacuzzi and Sunrise Spas.
Located on Manlius Center Rd. also is Liverpool Pool & Spa – they carry Hotspring and Caldera Spas.


What can be better than the divine feeling of sliding into steaming hot water to relax, at the end of a long tiring day? Generally, whenever people think about hot tubs spas, the first thing they associate with them is luxury. In reality, they offer much more than luxury. A dip in the hot tub ends all aches and pains. The warm water soothes the body as well as the mind. They are technologically designed in such a way that a dip in hot tub will surely refresh you.

Your hot tub or spas incorporate water pulsing action of jet streams.  It’s a great idea to test your hot tubs in showrooms before buying. Pay attention to the features of your hot tub.The company named Bell Pool & Spa located at South Walnut Ave. New Braunfels, TX has been a family owned and operated San Antonio Company since 1986. They start as a repair company, servicing pools and spas. Then, later expanded to two retail stores with a full line of pool-spa supplies, parts and accessories.  The brands they are dealing with, Lazboy® Spas, Hydropool hot tubs-swim spas, Clearwater Spas, Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc., Pentair Water Pool and Spa, and Ribee Water Sports,

Leslie’s Swimming Pool SUPPLY located at N Business Ih 35 New Braunfels, TX is world leader in residential & commercial pool supplies. Pool cleaners, pool chemicals, pool heaters, pool pumps, pool filters, pool covers, chlorine tabs, equipment & parts for the above ground & in ground pool & spas. Free water test & in-store repairs. They are selling Spas and Hot Tubs, accessories, chemical and fragrances.
New Braunfels Pool Company located at Copper Mtn New Braunfels, TX is family owned and operated offering friendly, reliable and exceptional pool services to New Braunfels and surrounding areas. Offers also a flexible pool service plans and a list of repair and pool maintenance services to meet your family’s needs and budget. Some pool services include: 1x Cleaning/Algae Removal (Green Pool), weekly pool cleaning, equipment leaks, salt system/ Ultraviolet installs, equipment repair and replacement, swimming pool re-plastering / renovation, unclog suction lines, solar pool heaters and pool inspections.

Dream Maker Spa tells you “ Live the dream”, and that exactly what these hot tubs do – allow just about any customers budget to purchase one of their high quality cheap hot tubs and enjoy the same amenities that only the rich could have in the past – talk about living the American Dream! Spa carries a variety of portable hot tubs, hot tub spas, accessories and parts at very reasonable discount hot tubs prices.
All dream maker spa, portable spas are 110 volt hot tub spas, meaning that you can plug your portable hot tubs into a standard American outlet, without the need of special wiring. These hot tubs can be installed quickly, and in no time you’ll be enjoying it. Just plug it in, and get ready to play in your new Dream Maker Spa!