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Frequently Asked Questions on Wood Inserts

Whereas it may be said that wood stove inserts are some of the easiest appliances to use, it is also veracious to say that guidance in the course of installing, operating, and maintaining them may lead to questions on some areas where clarity is vague. To avoid imprecision in any of the vital areas addressing safety of operation, the user’s guides to any wood inserts purchased are availed with detailed, easily retrievable information on the same. Below are some of the chief areas that customers and other users frequently ask about concerning wood stove inserts. They include, but are not limited to;

a)    The clearing space: This is the free space or allowance made available between wood inserts and the nearest combustible materials. This space should span at least 4 feet (1.2 meters) in front of the unit. Do not situate any combustible objects anywhere on the appliance or within 48 inches in front of it. This is because high temperatures may ignite flammable materials thereby causing a fire risk.
b)    The odors from units: This is the smell that may emanate from new wood stove inserts during their first few hours of operation. What causes this is the curing of the interior and sometimes exterior coats of paint or the burning off of applied oils at the manufacturer’s factory. The odor may also be smelt if the appliance is kept for a very long time before use- the smell in this case may come from accumulated dust during that said dormant state. Since the vapors and odors produced by initially operating wood stove inserts might be irritating to sensitive individuals, it is advisable to open windows to improve air circulation and allow in fresh air. The odors, however, do not remain for long as the appliances are put into constant use. The performance, effectiveness, and longevity of the appliances are not subject to the presence or absence of these odors whatsoever. 
c)    Unexplained metallic noises: These are sounds that may emanate from wood inserts during operation. The noises produced are similar to the sounds so produced by a heating duct or a furnace. These sounds are caused by metallic expansion during the heating stage and contraction during the cooling stage. These noises do not in any way affect the functionality or longevity of wood stove inserts.
d)    The whirring noises: These are the uninterrupted rapid buzzing sounds that may be heard within the vicinity of wood inserts in operation. The blower of a unit may at times produce a whirring sound and the volume thereof increases as the rotational speed increases. This does not at all affect the performance or durability of wood stove inserts.

Wood burning inserts are generally easy to use. The new ones may give off an odor at the initial few hours of operation but this does not further persist. These appliances also have a tendency to produce metallic sounds due to expansion and contraction of metal and buzzing sounds from their blowers. These do not affect the functionality of the wood inserts.

Fire Safety Measures Governing the Use of Wood Fireplace Inserts

Many homeowners have the tendency to discard their manufacturer’s manuals the moment they have verified that the wood fireplace inserts they just bought are fully functioning. However, the manufacturer’s instructions manuals have so much that ought to be read carefully and understood. One of the key areas tackled in them is the prevention of house fires. The chances of causing fire accidents depends much on the knowledge that one has of using a home heating system; and this applies to wood inserts also. Below are a few of the chief areas that the manuals address and that are indispensable if house fire accidents are to be kept at minimum chances of occurrence:-

First of all, the wood inserts must be installed and operated only in accordance with the inevitable directives therein appearing. These instructions are geared towards the most appropriate installation and venting procedures as well as the right way of operating the appliances. Anytime a qualified and authorized technician is undertaking the work of wood fireplace inserts installation, he or she must contact and confirm with the local building officials about any installation expectations, inspections and restrictions in that area. An example of an area the local building or fire officials will be keen at is the manner in which the chimney or vent will pass through combustible places like ceilings or hardboard walls.

Another example is whenever the wood inserts’ designs require that they be installed in masonry recess areas. In such cases, the masonry fireplaces must first be verified as to their conformity to the specified local and national codes. If these codes demand that no bricks or mortar should be removed so as to accommodate modification for a new venting system, then this must be adhered to. In such a case though, the manufacturer’s instructions manual pertaining to the wood fireplace inserts in question come with provisions for what should be done. In a situation where a pre-existing chimney is available and accessible, the manufacturer’s manual would suggest the use of a starter pipe that will lead into the inspected pre-existing chimney. That particular method of modification also requires an airtight face seal to ensure maximum levels of the users’ safety.

It is also instructed that in the close vicinity of wood inserts there should be no combustible materials or easily flammable liquids or gases. Such materials include clothing, carpets, draperies, varnish coated furniture, and many others. Children must not be allowed to operate or to touch wood fireplace inserts whenever these are being used or even when they have just been in operation. This is because wood inserts have the capacity to retain heat for a long time after the last session of use.

It is not advisable to discard the user’s instructions manual that come with wood fireplace inserts. They are good for reference not just during installation but also during operation and maintenance. Always adhere to the directives therein so as to avoid eventualities like house fires. Call in expert technicians whenever need arises.

Types of Fuel Associated With Wood Fireplace Inserts

Wood fireplace inserts are stoves made of cast iron or other strong metal casing that utilize combustible materials that coming from wood or wood products. They are unlike their traditional firewood fireplace counterparts in that these are designed to burn fuel at far higher efficiency rates. This is especially wood pellets contrary to natural wood pieces and logs that the traditional wood burning fireplaces burn. There are different flammable materials, liquids, and gases (compressed) that can be used as fuel in different home heating appliances. The Napoleon wood burning fireplace insert specifically burns combustible materials made from wood chippings, or other parts of natural wood. 

There are two types of materials associated with combustion in wood fireplace inserts; there are those that are combustible while others are completely incombustible under normal burning conditions of heat and pressure. Materials made of wood or surfaced with wood, or made from compressed paper, or form plant fibers, or made from plastics, or any other material that has the capacity to burn at normal conditions of heat and pressure, whether made to have plaster or without plaster; or made flame-proof or not, all fall into the category of combustible solid materials. Some of these have been designed to work with the different varieties of wood fireplace inserts. The other type of materials is the non-combustible ones; and these will not ignite and burn under normal burning conditions. These are materials made exclusively of steel, cast iron, tiled materials, bricks or stones, glass, slate or plasters; or even the combination of all or some of the above are all classified as non-combustible materials. Some of the non-combustible materials are further classified as non-combustible sealant materials that are used as fillings or mortar. Non-combustible materials are never to be used within the Napoleon wood burning fireplace insert. This is to ensure that safety at its best is maintained. 

Unlike the wood fireplace inserts, dry seasoned wood is the best source of fuel for the traditional conventional wood burning fireplaces. This is because completely dry and fully seasoned wood logs gives excellently efficient fire that minimizes all chances of creosote formation which itself is a hardened crust-like substance that forms from tar in wood and which accumulate in vents and chimneys. Creosote could ignite causing fire accidents. Though well seasoned wood may be said to have a high degree of efficiency, it may not make wood burning fireplaces exceed the efficiency of, say, the Napoleon wood burning fireplace insert. Again, it is a lot of hassle trying to get seasoned wood with the right amount of moisture content and buying unseasoned wood, on the other hand, is a waste of energy and resources. 

In the event that a Napoleon wood burning fireplace insert is being used, it is always advisable to utilize the kind of fuel that the manufacturer has recommended. This is because there are many types of materials that can be said to be combustible but would end up causing danger if used with such a wood burning fireplace insert.

Warnings Associated With the Operation of Wood Fireplace Inserts

Wood fireplace inserts are relatively easier to use compared to the conventional traditional wood burning fireplaces. Inappropriate use, though, may lead to a host of hazards, some of which could be disastrous. Indeed, if the information that is so clearly stipulated in the manufacturer’s instruction manual is not followed with precision, a house fire could erupt and cause damage or loss of chattels, personal injury, or the loss of life of the occupants thereof. Napoleon fireplace inserts must never be operated if the operation instructions are not carefully read and accurately adhered to.

Napoleon fireplace inserts come with instructions therein packaged that have dedicated sections dealing with warnings while other parts give caution at different times in their installation, operation and maintenance. Cautions indicate hazardous events which, if not minded and carefully avoided may result to slight injury. Warnings, on the other hand, indicate hazardous events which, if not heeded may culminate to death or high degree injury. Warnings are given on different situations that regard, but are not limited to, the following;

First, there are warnings given about hot surfaces: No hands should be placed on glass or other napoleon fireplace inserts‘surfaces are extremely hot during operation and in the duration in the cooling down. Hot glass has the capacity to cause terrible burns. Children should never be allowed to come into contact with such hot surfaces and they must be supervised carefully when they are in the same room as the fireplace inserts. A dealer may suggest that a user attach a fixed decorative glass shields to protect children from coming into contact with wood fireplace inserts.

Also, it is warned that fire risks are apparent if users take combustible materials other than wood into wood fireplace inserts. Other fire risks are likely to occur if any damaged appliances will be installed. To avoid fire risks, there should be no modification whatsoever to the napoleon fireplace inserts. Installation and operation with accessories or components that are not certified and/or approved by the manufacturer also could cause fire risks. All operations must be done after assembly of all the components. Wood fireplace inserts should also not be over-fired (whereby the unit connectors glow as an indication). To prevent over-firing do not use any flammable liquids (for instance, gasoline, or kerosene, or any of the wood/ charcoal lighter fuels), do not overstuff the appliances with wood, and do not allow too much oxygen (room air) into the fire.

There are many warnings that could be given in the operation of wood fireplace inserts but all are geared towards ensuring maximum safety of the user. If carefully adhered to, these warnings are life saving and following them can save a lot of potential damage to property or personal injuries. It is, therefore, imperative that they be read carefully, understood, and keenly followed so as to achieve the bests results initially intended. Napoleon fireplace inserts are magnificent and add a lot of splendor to any living room, but if mishandled they may be hazardous.

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How Internet Blossomed the Electric Fireplace Industry

There are many ways if you want to have a great experience during the winter. Today, you need to understand the fact that in order for you to learn about the different things, you need to explore and even read more about them. Fortunately, if you want to have a fireplace in your home that is stylish, functional and safe, you can now trust the electric fireplaces. These things make up for the lost time chopping wood as an electric fireplace only needs a plug to keep everything running. There are also some instances when you need to check the different electric fireplaces that could possibly meet your home’s needs. 

There are times when the best electric fireplace is really cheaper than you expect it to be. One of the many reasons why is because of the trends in retail. We all know that retail is really going nowhere especially today that we are all affected by the global financial crisis. If you will be looking into the businesses offering fireplaces, they are now relocating through the World Wide Web in order to gain worldwide market support and also to cut the cost of maintaining a store. In the process, you can now see electric fireplaces become cheaper and you no longer have to worry about your budget. 

The best time for you to purchase an electric fireplace for your place is during the summer. This is the time when these things become cheap. Since the winter season is yet to come, there is still no “pressing need” for people to have a good and working fireplace at home. But as the adage would say “the early bird gets the worm”. This is true especially if you will look at the trends in pricing of electric fireplaces as winter comes nearer. 

Going online and purchasing your fireplace is a great idea. If you will come to think of it, the electric fireplaces can be cheaper because the stores are not anymore paying for lease or for any other expenses that would eventually trickle down to the price of the item. Today, everything is cut into its bare essentials and all you need to do is to click and select which one is right for you. The electric fireplace is now becoming popular as it is simple and it is also affordable compared to the other types of fireplaces. 

The more that you look online for an electric fireplace; the better it is for you. For the past years, you can get to see the number fireplaces become popular and drop from their spot. Today, more and more people are thinking of more economical ways on how to get through the winter. Having wood fireplaces is not a way to beat the cold weather especially if you still have to chop some wood in the middle of your day. With the help of the different fireplaces available online, you could now get the best experience running into the winter season. And of course, through online purchases, you can even counter check if they are being true to their claims.

Fireplace That Are Cheap And Keeping Your Home Safe

There are many ways for you to keep your home warm and safe. If you will have a fireplace on your home, it is imperative that you keep your home safe too. If not for safety, you will really not have the peace of mind needed during the winter or any other season for that matter. If you will look at the number of fireplaces around today in the market, you will need to understand that not everything you see could give you the best bang for your buck.
Your money should be able to bring you the best bang for your buck treatment. If not for the best fireplaces out there, you should never bother to buy things that would only disappoint you. The internet today is a great source of interaction and at the same time of products that are cheap. Drop shipping is the latest trend online which enables markets to lower their prices according to how the consumers wanted it. Another thing that is responsible for the lowered price of products particularly of fireplaces is outsourcing. Today, companies get the expertise of other countries to bring the best products for less the price. Because the internet gives you a place to sell without really consuming space plus you are not obliged to rent a store, you can now expect that their prices are lower than that of other companies.
 Remember that in order to also save a great amount of money on fireplaces, remember that you need to consider the timing of your purchase. Purchases made nearer the winter season may mean a higher price for a fireplace. Pricing increases whenever the season is nearer. Thus, it is the best idea to purchase, repair and to update fireplaces when it’s the end of summer. During summer, it would really be impossible to clean up the fireplaces. But if you will wait until it ends, you will have an easier service for it plus not to mention cheaper.
If you are planning to purchase a new fireplace for your home, you need to make sure it is safe for everyone. Everything that you put into your own place should never be a threat to your very own safety. Thus it is a protocol to always consult each fireplace to experts first. This way, you will get what you want while your family is safe. But you may have to purchase additional things in order for you to stay safe. But come to think of it, is there any price for safety? You will regret not going the extra distance once an accident appears in your home. You will be thankful to have the sprinklers installed whenever there is fire breaking out inside your own house. As they say, a ton of prevention is way better than an ounce of cure. This is true especially to the fireplace industry when everything you do could mean the demise of your very own property. If you of course want to save, never compromise safety in doing so. 

Fireplace and How Safety Should Be Handled

 If you are a home owner, it is pertinent you protect your home from internal factors that may cause fire from happening. If you are going to have a fireplace on your own home, remember that there are instances that these things start fire especially if you do not know how to properly use them. There are different types of fireplaces today that you could choose from. But as a rule of the thumb, whatever delivers heat can really generate the potential of fire accident. There are things however that you could do to prevent fireplaces to create this kind of worst case scenario.

One, you need to understand that you should never put anything that isn’t suggested by the manufacturer of the fireplace. For instance, if you have a heat source that demands wood, you should never use paper to give you the warmth you need for the winter. Putting paper and other things inside a fireplace can bring accidents. Now how can these things start fire? If you will look at the instance when paper is burned, you will notice how some pieces of it could easily be going to your carpet. From the fireplace to the carpet, this is a disaster waiting to happen.
 Another thing that can cause an accident is when a child plays around with fire. You should never allow kids to run around the living room alone with no protection from the fireplace. If you will look at the statistics, you will find out how toddlers become the culprit in starting fire inside a house. Fireplaces should never be in contact with your child as this may be an accident waiting to happen.

The third thing that you need to find out about your heating equipment is its appropriateness to your electrical system. Fireplaces ran by electricity can cause fire if your outlet can’t handle the load. This calls for the responsibility of the electrical contractors. Always have your home checked when it comes to electrical issues. If you are not going to have it checked, electricity and fireplace can be the worst combination that you could think of.

There are many instances today which could cause fire inside your home. There are things that you should and shouldn’t do. But the fact of the matter is fire can always be prevented. You should never carry things inside your home without the proper protection. Fireplaces need accessories that would increase your home’s safety. For example, you will need to have a gate to keep children off the fire. Another thing that you will need is a reliable fire detector. The more it is sensitive to smoke, the better it is. If you will come to think of it, there are times when it doesn’t need fire to cause injury. All you need to have is smoke and you may be deprived of oxygen. If you are not careful with your actions, accidents will always be there waiting to happen inside your own home. But with the right help of equipments and safety experts, you can live freely through the years. 

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When looking into the purchase gun safes, the owner needs to decide what factors are motivating this purchase. Reasons can include, young children in the home, an antique piece that should be proudly display, owner wants to keep gun hidden/locked from intruders, protected from fire/water damage, etc. there are many types of gun safe and shotgun safes available, to fit every individual lifestyle and current d├ęcor.

If you don’t have a gun safe or shotgun safes it’s only a matter of time before one of your kids, or one of their friends, gets into your guns and starts trying to play with them or check them out. This is not something you want to happen because when your guns are getting played with without you knowing, there’s no telling what kind of bad things will happen. You’re liable to come home from work one day to find your kid with his hand blown off or something worse!

Here’s are different types of safes;

·         Shotgun - Just like the name suggests, this type of safe is used to store shotguns. There are people who have antique shotguns that are priceless. Therefore, it would be appropriate to store them in the best gun safe for shotguns safes. Storing your shotguns in a specific safe makes it easier to organize especially is you have a very large collection.
·         Gun mini vault - One of the best gun safes for hand guns and smaller firearms, as well as ideal for storing jewelry and other valuables, this sturdy 16 gauge steel safe can be transported easily when necessary and can also be affixed to a wall to prevent theft of the safe itself. The lock is a digital code, and you can program in your own codes to help you remember. The locking mechanism itself is high strength and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about people breaking it, while the inside is lined with foam to protect the contents from damage.
·         Closet vault-in wall - Perhaps the best gun safe for large guns like rifles and shotguns, these wall shotgun safes easily mounts on most walls in between wall studs. There are two locking choices with this model; either a tubular key or with a mechanical combination lock. In an emergency, when time is against you, you can use whichever method you find the fastest. A felt lining on the bottom of this safe and an adjustable foam barrel support, customizable for each barrel size, will keep your guns in the best condition. With the door mounting right into the frame, prying and tampering will be almost impossible. This best gun safe is also suitable for storing other valuables and can be ordered with an extra shelf or handgun bracket.
·         Secure Logic Biometric Pistol Safe - Many believe that the best gun safe lock is a biometric lock, which reads the user’s fingerprints to open the lock. This is particularly useful in an emergency, when you don’t have time to search for keys. This model is wall mounted, making it a permanent feature in your home and making it almost impossible for thieves to steal the safe itself, with the intent on opening it later. 

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Try to buy a hot tub and watch the effect on your health

It seems too good to be true that a particular fixture can actually give you a way to prevent major maladies from ever happening. It has been winning customers ever since and they are in a frenzy for each of them are now able to buy a hot tub with confidence. In the past a tub was considered a rich man’s fixture and in case you want to buy everybody would discourage you because it was a waste of your money. That is for people who haven’t discovered the benefits of hydrotherapy. This is where the buy hot tub principle was born.

Most people have known a tub as something to relax on or at the very least give some relief to an aching muscle. What they didn’t know the one responsible factor for it called hydrotherapy can do a lot more than just alleviate muscle pains. When you buy a hot tub you also get hydrotherapy in return and hydrotherapy works outside and inside of your body. Once it permeates the skin you get a netter blood circulation delivering the needed oxygen and nutrients that your vital organs need. The buy hot tub result would be a better functioning organ.

Keeping off major maladies from happening and at some point in time when you do multiple sessions on a tub even your sleep is affected in a positive way. This is much better for people who are on sleep medications just buy a hot tub and watch the effects as you use it. Even people with diabetes are getting ample support from a hot tub because it lowers blood sugar levels to a minimum. A tub is a great way to bolster your medications for diabetes and you can do it by just relaxing. The buy hot tub is evident because of a host of professionals who have done major studies on hydrotherapy.

You can read everything on the internet as it holds a lot of information regarding the benefits of a hot tub and hydrotherapy. There are a lot of websites where you can actually buy a hot tub and have it delivered right to your doorsteps. It also has various information on care maintenance and reviews if you plan in buying one. Make sure you accommodate spot on your home it can be near a swimming pool which is the common setup for a tub or you can place it on the patio or the backyard. The buy hot tub movement is now gaining some ground.

Your family will be another recipient of good health and a stress free life. They will absolutely enjoy the tub itself. You can have friends come over and experience a tub after that you tell them to buy a hot tub for themselves. It is a nice reprieve from the chlorinated water of a swimming pool and most of all you can come to something and just recharge your body back to life. There is some sense to actually join the buy hot tub group because you get more value on what you pay for.

Get your health in the right track with a dream maker hot tub

It starts with an aching back and it travels down to your other muscle groups and the next thing you know you can’t go to work because you have every part of your body filled with pain. You wish you had something to alleviate the pain like a dream maker hot tub which can also spell the difference. Then there is another scenario upon getting home from the office you are dead tired of doing other things. Fatigue and stress can have a tremendous effect on the whole system. Most dreammaker hot tubs can be the ideal fixtures for this kind of scenario.

But there’s more to it than taking away muscle pain or eliminating stress because professionals have found the many uses of a tub and its very important component hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is responsible for you to have a relaxing moment while the swirling warm water massages every part of your body. Once it is done outside then its next goal is to work inside of your system. This is where a lot of people have no idea on what dreammaker hot tubs can purposely do.
The hydrotherapeutic effects of a tub stabilizes your blood circulation so it goes where it should suppose to go. When you have an optimum blood circulation because of a dream maker hot tub then you can automatically conclude that your vital organs are getting the nutrients and the oxygen it needs. The major organs function at its best because of this and you prevent major maladies from occurring. It does not only affect the blood circulation but a multitude of dreammaker spas can also affect your sleep patterns as well.

People experiencing sleep disorders or insomnia can now rely on this particular hot tub to give them a peaceful rest at night. The more sessions you do on a dream maker hot tub the more you experience a good night’s sleep. This is actually a fixture the benefits you need and this is just the beginning because a lot of studies would yield results pointing to a tub as being a giver of positive things. Everything can be read on the internet and there are particular websites geared on the promotion and sales of a number of dreammaker hot tubs.
You can even buy your very own model on that website and have the item delivered to your home. It’s nice to have a fixture that adds aesthetics and beauty to your home but how about a specific fixture called a dream maker hot tub to actually give you more than just beauty and aesthetics combined. It would be a great addition to the family because they will also receive the benefits in the long run. Having discovered what hydrotherapy can do the body is the motivating factor to buy a model from a lot of dreammaker hot tubs available in the market.

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Why Value Point Distribution is Our Very Own Shopping Solution

Having moved to a new home with my family, my husband and I agreed on the idea of turning our own backyard into our very own outdoor living escape! And since we are residing in a region where winter seasons come regularly, we thought that having a hot tub at the convenience of our very own living space would be a fantastic idea!

We began searching for some nice hot tub and spa units at the home and bath shops in our area to see their available offerings. There were some very fantastic units out there with even more amazing features but sadly they were just way off our allocated budget. So instead, we tried searching for other sources by asking some family and friends about where we could get one at a lesser price.

Of all people, I didn’t expect that I would get a nice recommendation from my boss when she had overheard a conversation that a work buddy and I were having. She told me to try looking at value point distribution reviews and that I won’t regret it. Needless to say, I heeded my boss’s advise and told me hubby about it the same night.

We looked into value point’s website and was impressed by the wide range of home appliances that they offer. From hot tubs to portable spas and barbecue grills to fireplaces and gazebos and more, you name it, they have it. But what caught our attention even more is that they offer them at evidently more affordable prices than what we have seen elsewhere and they also have a friendly sales staff who helped us through the daunting process of selecting a hot tub that is best for our budget, needs, and priorities.

After analyzing our priorities, the helpful sales rep recommended the X-500 from Dream Maker Hot Tubs. Now this is a luxurious piece of home spa that I’ve also seen in a local home improvement store, but what’s amazing is that value point offers it at only $3,499 – that’s $400 less than those that we have seen!

We didn’t waste time and started arranging for our order, and we were even treated to more wonderful surprises as we have learned that they also offer zero percent sales tax and free shipping on orders!

 This is definitely huge savings for our budget because as we know, big and luxurious pieces of home appliances such as hot tubs involve heavy charges too when it comes to delivery!

Soon enough, me, my hubby, and our whole family were enjoying the warm and bubbly waters that our very own portable hot tub offers. Thanks to valuepointdistribution, having one wasn’t a problem at all when it comes to budget, usage, and overall enjoyment!

Online Shopping Just Got Even Better with Value Point Distribution

Despite being in the E-commerce trade scene for only a handful of years now, value point distribution has already placed itself among the top ranks in the industry today due to their smart and effective business model. They have become the go-to place for consumers worldwide when it comes to their luxury home appliance needs in just a short time and created a buzz in the world of E-commerce. So what comprises their business model you might wonder? Well, here they are:

Setting itself Apart from the Tight Competition

One of the most critical traits behind value point distribution’s E-commerce conquest is that they offer the most affordable pricing on the luxury outdoor living appliances that they offer. This has been done possible by their fantastic partnership with their presented brands including Cal Flame, Napoleon Fireplaces, Fire Magic Grills, Dream Maker Hot Tubs, and QCA Spas. Such partnership allows the E-commerce company to acquire the products straight from the brand’s factories before selling them to consumers directly, at the most affordable prices possible rather than having to pass through the hands of certain middlemen that only pushes the product’s prices higher due to their trade cuts. Additionally, they also get to guarantee the freshness and safety of the product with the smart direct trading system.

Excellent Customer Service Available 24/7

Unfortunately, online shopping has been quite tainted with some cheap online retailers that show no concern for customers, and leave them alone with their orders after they got the money. However, value point distribution breaks away from all this and helps clean the name of online trading by their excellent customer care.

The customer care team behind reviews consists of two divisions. One is the tech support staff who takes care of customer inquiries and concerns regarding their order, may it be the installation of the appliance, usage, cleaning, repair, maintenance, parts replacement, shipping, and the likes. And the other is the sales team which is always at the ready to help buyers lock down on the best possible product for them through a professional but friendly approach. This involves analyzing the customer’s wants, needs, budgets, and other priorities and then pair them with certain recommendations to find the best one that will suit the most excellently.

The excellent combination of savings and customer care that value point has clearly shown why they are one of the most trusted names when it comes to online shopping of home appliances. No matter if you’re searching for a relaxing tub or spa in your home or perhaps a r barbecue grill for your outdoor kitchen, then look no further than value point distribution because they have it all taken care of for you!

Value Point Distribution – Setting a Good Example for other Online Retailers to Follow

Value point distribution, the humble E-commerce store based in Mills Valley, California, has recently topped the charts as one of the hottest name in the luxury home appliance industry today. They have been providing hot tubs, swimming spas, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, barbecue grills, gazebos, and other luxury home appliances for only a few years now, and yet they managed to soar amidst the tight competition quickly, but safely. So what exactly are the reasons behind reviews and its success in the E-commerce trade? Here are they are:

They Make Luxury Home Appliances More Affordable

Value point guarantees more affordable pricing on their entire featured luxury home appliance because they are partners with their carried manufacturers. These top of the line manufacturers include QCA Spas, Dream Maker Hot Tubs, Fire Magic Grill, Napoleon Fireplaces, and Cal Flame. Such partnership allows them to obtain the products as soon as they have been made in the factories and away from the hands of unwanted third parties who only causes the product’s prices to become more expensive because of their own cuts. As a result, consumers are able to get more savings for any and every appliance that they get from them.

Outstanding Customer Care

Most of the other online retailers tend to neglect on customer care. However, value point distribution breaks free from such a stigma in the world of online retail, because they have real professionals behind their customer service team. This team includes highly trained tech support agents who are fully experts in the technical aspects of their carried products.

These people are ready to handle and take care of any customer concerns regarding their order, may it be the product installation, care, usage, maintenance, repair, parts replacement, shipping, etc. They also have very helpful salespeople who are dedicated in bringing customers only the most excellent product for their wants, needs, budgets, and priorities. They work just like professional consultants except you don’t have to spend for paying their consultation fees. That’s right. You get the professional service for absolutely free!

Fast and Worry Free Shipping

Another praiseworthy quality that value point distribution reviews has is their guaranteed fast and safe delivery. Despite being in the home appliance industry, where they cater luxurious and bulky home appliances, they can deliver the orders to their customer’s doorsteps in as little as eight days – absolutely free!

With the above excellent qualities that value point distribution has, there is no doubt why they lead the online retail industry of luxury home appliances. Aside from boosting the E-commerce trade, they also get to set a good example for other existing and upcoming E-commerce companies to follow.

Qualities that Make a Leader in the Online Retailing Market

Dreaming of having a nice luxury appliance to your home to enjoy but without spending excessively? Well then valuepointdistribution reviews is your dream come true. This renowned online retailer has been providing homeowners with the luxury home appliance that that they need at very smart prices. Because of this, this company which started off in Mills Valley, CA, has propelled its name in the online shopping scene as one of the most competitive E-commerce companies in the industry today as they offer lower prices compared to other e-commerce sites and even most local home improvement stores shops can provide. Aside from this, they also have a topnotch customer service team of professionals who’s ready to back up customers anytime of the week.

Smart Pricing on Luxury Home Appliances

Value point distribution offers smart pricing on their products as they partner with their presented brands. Through this partnership, they are entitled to get the products directly from the manufacturer’s factories as soon as they have been made, and eliminating the need of passing through the hands of unnecessary middlemen who only makes the products costlier because of their trade cuts.

Not every manufacturer sells to consumers directly, however, it is made possible by the company’s partnership with their presented manufacturers to give shoppers the best possible savings on such high-ticket items. This team-up also allows customers to have a fully customized product with their every specifics and preference on their orders as they are forwarded by value point to the manufacturing team. This ups the notch for the product quality just the way you want it.

Professional Customer Care Team at Your Service

The company has a highly trained team of professionals to take care of their customer’s needs 24/7. They are thoroughly knowledgeable regarding their offered products, especially about its technical elements that’s why customers are ensured that each and every concern that they have will be taken care of straightaway. No matter if it’s about the appliance installation, usage, maintenance, parts replacement, service, or anything about your order.

Aside from this, they also have a team of professional sale staff who are more than willing to assist consumers, especially the first time buyers, to lock down on the home product that suits their needs and preferences best. This is done through their consultative approach which is just like consulting an actual professional to help you with your search, but without needing to pay for an expert’s fee.

These two qualities prove why is one of the most trusted names among online retailers of luxury home appliances both in the online market and in the local trade. They not only make luxury outdoor living appliances affordable to everyone but also give consumers the right kind of customer care that they want and need. and Its Dedication to Providing Only the Best Home Appliances at the Best Possible Price

After moving into a new home with a nice and spacious backyard, I thought about turning it into my very own outdoor living escape and add a fresh home appliance that my partner and I can enjoy. And since we both love outdoor cooking and gathering with family and friends, we thought about getting a nice new barbecue grill to add to our new outdoor living haven!

Our for a nice source to get a nice BBQ grill began by visits through local home improvement stores to see what they have in store for us. With every visit, salesmen approach us and showed what they have to offer but unfortunately, just seconds into their pitch and they’re already nagging us into buying one. They seemed to be more nagging than helpful so we turned them all down because the prices were just ridiculously overboard our set budget.

We ended up leaving pretty much disappointed but instead of giving up, my wife and I started searching online and hopefully find a reliable shopping solution for us. We got just what we wanted in the guise of, which is one of the new yet hot trending online retailers that offer luxury home appliances and boasts of offering them at only the best prices possible.

That sounded really inviting, but it also made me and my wife quite skeptic because after all, such luxury home appliance doesn’t come cheap. But when I saw the Cal-Flame 4 Burner Convection Drop-in Grill, I knew they mean serious business.

At an incredible price of $2,140, it was definitely a bargain since its up to 30% lower than those seen in most local retailers and even lower compared to those presented by other online shopping sites. Plus, they also have an absolutely free shipping which only translates to even greater savings for average consumers like my wife and I.

Needless to say, my partner and I didn’t waste the opportunity and after confirming the company’s validity through deeper research, we ordered our first Cal Flame Grill from them. More impressively is that they have it delivered in our doorsteps in just a meager eight days! That’s definitely impressive for a retail company that is on the business of providing such hefty home equipment of luxury.

I have nothing but praises to value point distribution and their dedication to providing home appliances at only the lowest possible prices. Surely, the remarkable qualities that they have shown are not only h helping the name of E-commerce become more trusted, but also boost it by serving as an incredible but humble shopping solutions company for other online retailers to follow.

How Valuepointdistribution Outsmarts its Competitors

Value point distribution has been around the E-commerce scene for only a few years and yet the company has already established itself as one of the most renowned names in the industry nowadays. So a lot of people have wondered, how exactly does valuepointdistribution outsmart the tight competition?
What Sets Value Point Distribution Apart from its Contemporaries?

Perhaps the main ingredient behind value point distribution’s success is that they successfully offer the lowest possible prices on luxury home appliances. This is made feasible by their wonderful partnership with their carried high-ticket brands such as Napoleon Fireplaces, Cal Flame, Fire Magic Grills, QCA Spas, and Dream Maker Hot Tubs.

This partnership enables them to get the appliances straight from the manufacturing factories prior to serving to their customers directly, instead of having to go through the hands of several third parties that only make the products pricier and even compromise its quality.

Professional Customer Service that Actually Cares

Sadly, online shopping has become associated with cheap online retailers that don’t even care about customers, hence, they offer no customer service hotlines at all. But value point distribution sets itself as a good example in the E-commerce trade as they have a professional team of customer service staff that actually cares. These customer service personnel are divided into two teams – the tech support staff and the sales force.

The tech support representatives are highly trained and fully knowledgeable about their carried products so you can rest assured that all your questions regarding the appliance, such as the usage, installation, parts replacement, service, repair, maintenance, shipping, return, etc.

will all be answered accurately and clearly. The friendly sales representatives on the other hand, are dedicating to helping shoppers get the best product for their budget and priorities. They do this through a consultative approach which is just like consulting a professional for yourself, but they offer free service that’s right at your fingertips.

Fast and Safe Shipping at no Extra Costs

Value point distribution has also wowed the crowd with its fast and safe shipping guarantee that comes absolutely free and zero % sales tax for even bigger savings! With the wonderful partnership that value point distribution reviews has with their presented brands, they are able to ship to their customer’s doorsteps, faster and safer – with the high quality you expect from your order, completely intact!
So if ever you’re searching for a nice hot tub, swimming spa, outdoor grill, fire pit, or perhaps have some questions about luxury home products to get to your home, visiting value point distribution will surely be worth it!

Top Three Reasons behind the Rapid Success of

Value point distribution, the humble E-commerce store based in Mills Valley, California, has recently topped the charts as one of the hottest name in the luxury home appliance industry today. They have been providing hot tubs, swimming spas, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, barbecue grills, gazebos, and other luxury home appliances for only a few years now, and yet they managed to soar amidst the tight competition quickly, but safely. So what exactly are the reasons behind and its success in the E-commerce trade? Here are they are:

Best Prices on Luxury Home Appliances, Guaranteed

The company guarantees only the lowest possible prices on their featured products as they are partners with the manufacturers that they carry. These high-ticket companies include Dream Maker Hot Tubs, QCA Spas, Cal Flames, Fire Magic Grill, and Napoleon Fireplaces.

This partnership enables them to acquire the appliances as soon as they are made in the factories of the manufacturers, thus they save the need for dealing with unnecessary third parties that only push the retail prices of the goods higher with all their operation cuts. In turn, they are able to provide customers with the best prices on the appliance they need and at the same time maintain the high quality of the product with such a smart and effective direct selling process.

Excellent Customer Service

One of the key elements that most other online retailers miss out on is customer service. But valuepointdistribution reviews makes sure that each and every customer are fully satisfied all the time. They have a team of professionals that are just a phonecall or livechat away from helping customers solve any issue that they may have regarding their order.

These professionals are highly trained especially in the technical side of the appliances they represent, that’s why they are willing and able to help you with any inquiries, may it be the usage, installation, repair, maintenance, exchange, return, parts replacement, etc. They also have a helpful team of sales agents who are more than willing to help shoppers find the appliance that will best suit their needs, preferences, and of course, budget, through a professional but free consultative approach.

Safe and Fast Delivery

Value point distribution has a fast and safe delivery guarantee on their featured appliances. As they are partners with their carried brands, they are able to deliver the products in as little as 8 days and without compromising its quality.

These three reasons make it evident why value point distribution has been recognized as one of the hottest names in the online trade of luxury home appliances today. They also show what it takes to be a trusted and effective provider despite the tough competition in the online and local market today.

Extra Savings Plus Excellent Customer Service with Reviews

If you are considering getting a luxury home appliance to add to your humble abode but want to avoid the over-the-roof price tags involved, then worry no more because online shopping solutions like valuepointdistribution reviews are there for you. This online retailer that started off in Mills Valley, CA has been giving homeowners around the globe the home appliance that they want and need at more unbeatable prices. For this reason, they have caused a stir in the online shopping scene as they present big discounts and savings to customers compared to the prices that other online retailers and local home/bath shops can give.

Luxury Home Appliance minus the Extra Costs?

Sounds unbelievable right? But it’s true. They do this by partnering up with their carried manufacturers, which lets sell to customers directly, without having to go through the hands of unwanted third parties that only push the prices of the appliances higher due to their operation cuts.

Not all manufacturers sell direct to consumers, but value point’s partnership with their carried brands enables them to do so, and provide shoppers with the best saving possible. Such partnership also enables the company to offer their consumers a fully customized product as they forward the customer’s specifics to the manufacturers before having it released from the factory.

Ready to Serve Customers 24/7

Value point distribution has a professional team of customer service staff which is available 24/7 to take care of each and every concern of their clients. They are professionally trained and completely knowledgeable about their presented products, especially regarding its technical features so you can rest assured that all your concerns will be taken care of, whether its about the product usage, installation, parts replacement, repair, maintenance, or just about anything regarding your order.

To help customer’s narrow down their search for the best appliance, they also have a sales team who are always at the ready to assist them with a professional, consultative approach. Through such process, they assist consumers, especially first timers, to find the best product by analyzing their wants, needs, budget, and priorities then suggest particular appliances that fit them best. This process is just like consulting a professional, but without having to pay for a professional fee.

Both of these two elements make review one of the best online retailers of luxury home appliances today. They cater to all home appliance needs while providing homeowners with the extra savings that they need and the right customer service that they rightfully deserve.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Out of the many improvements you can make to your own home, one that might have come across as attractive is an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen provides more cooking and eating space for get togethers or for your personal usage when the weather is nice. Like many out there flame broiled or food cooked over charcoal is irresistible, not many people have an area other than a simple grill dedicated to making excellent food.

After you’ve chosen the parts you want to use, you can draw up a design using the measurements. Most commonly either a solid brick or cut stone structure or by making a wooden frame, waterproofing it and adding the siding of your choice, whether it’s brick or old postage stamps. You will want to make sure your structure is as sturdy as it can be since it will more than likely be holding up a considerable amount of weight.

Notching the vertical 2 x4’s for better support of the horizontal ones will add some extra stability and doubling 2x4 around where the grill or other heavy appliances for extra support of heavier appliances is a good idea as well. After you’ve built your frame add your cut plywood and cement backer board. The backer board is to waterproof and better insulate the structure. After this apply your choice of siding. If you’re laying tile, stone, stucco or brick. Choose your countertops or makes some of your own, add your kitchen parts and you’re ready to go. An over head roof of some kind wouldn’t be bad idea; especially on those rainy days you really want a flame broiled steak or hamburger.

If you’re serious about designing and building an outdoor kitchen, a good place to start looking for parts would be companies like R.H. Peterson, Fire Magic, sun grills, Cal Flame, Firestone offer up top quality. Name like sun grill not only quality stainless steel (which is used by professionals) grills, but also a huge variety of stainless accessories such as cabinets, side burners, re-fridgeration units, smokers and charcoal drop ins.

An awesome thing you can incorporate into your design which is not often seen or used is a flame stoked pizza oven. These ovens are heated by a fire that is built inside to heat the masonry, when the flames die down to smaller embers you can clear a space for a pizza or other oven cooked food that won’t compare to anything you’ve ever had before. These ovens are often just a brick structure with an opening for wood and food, a chimney is optional, if you do install a chimney do not put it directly above the fire or else the masonry will never hold the heat. If you do not install a chimney, be advised over time the opening will probably start to turn black from the smoke. It might be a good idea not to cement the oven surface bricks together, should they start to crack they will be easier to replace.

There are many websites online that you can find which offer great products, often times to make sure the convenience of ordering from your computer remains good in quality, free shipping and telephone or chat service is made available to you.


Designing an outdoor kitchen can not only be a valuable experience, but also prove to save you money. An outdoor kitchen is great for not only get-together,  they can also greatly assist those grill food fanatics, since most don’t have a hood fan suitable for indoor open flame grilling, the outdoor grill is typical in most homes.
Before you can draw up a design you will need to have measurements of all the parts that you will be including in the design. Brands like sun grills offer up top quality, just like what the professionals use. Brands like sun grill not only offer top quality grills, but also almost anything you could possibly need for an outdoor kitchen, things like cabinets, sinks, side burners and so much. After you have chosen the accessories you would like to include in your kitchen, and have the measurements, you can begin to build.

An outdoor kitchen grill is fairly easy to construct and there should be no need for you to hire someone. Simply take your measurements and draw up a plane. From there you can build a frame using pressure treated 2x4’s, screwing them together. Keep in consideration any features you will be adding such as your grill, cabinets, speakers, controls, side burners, refrigerators. Cut some pressure treated plywood, leaving areas for your appliances and also ventilation holes which are important so that if there is a leak in a gas hose, the gas won’t build up within the structure.

Attach the plywood with construction adhesive and screws. Next you have an option of adding backing board for better insulation, if not you can just add builders felt and wire mesh. The wire mesh should be on top of the felt and rough side facing out. Next you apply your type S mortar and score it using a scoring tool. Add your siding of choice such as tile, or stone. If you would like wood siding skip these steps and add it directly to the plywood or backer board.

After you siding is up add the counter tops, outdoor kitchen cabinets, any other accessories and you’re ready to cook. It is a good idea to add some type of shelter to protect your kitchen area from the elements. You do have some other options such as brick or large stone. These options are nice because they leave you the option to build a fire place or fire stoked oven at the same time.

Every once in a while you come across a flame stoked oven; they are usually made from stone or brick and shaped like a dome. A special hinge tool will help you to have exact placement of bricks to create a dome. A chimney is optional, as long as there is somewhere for the smoke to escape. If you do put a chimney put it near the front, otherwise all the heat from the fire will escape out of it, instead of soaking into the bricks. After the fire turns into coals and the oven is hot you can brush away the ash for a place to cook, brick ovens are famous for old fashioned style bread, pizza and many other cooking options as well.


Considered to owning a spa is a budget, How much is available to spend for a new hot tub. Planning is the most important part of any project, and building a hottub is no different. Before you spend a single penny on any equipment or materials you should know exactly what you want your completed hot tub to be like.

How big will it be? How many and which type jets will you use? Where will you position it? Where should you locate the pump, heater and filter? Will you set it in the ground, or will it be above ground, or even a mix of the two? A hot tub is a luxurious way to relax a busy mind and rejuvenate tired limbs. Find the hot tub that exactly suits your needs and environment.

Tips in buying a Hot Tub accessories;
Remote control to set the bath condition up to a certain distance from the tub.
Safety rails for safe entry and exit from the tub.
Panel locking for safety
Water Jets which are or different types. Discuss with supplier so you get what you really want.
Storage cabinets for the chemicals and other items needed for the hottubs.
Automatic shut off feature for cost saving.

The company called Coleman’s Bright Ideas for your Home located at East Loop, Fort Worth, TX is a dealer of the brand HotSpring™ hot tub spa for 28 years. This brand stability and experience is unrivaled in this marketplace. Hot Spot hot tub with quality and spa features that can be enjoyed on any budget. Featuring two round spas and two square spas Hot Spot blends quality with value. One of their model is The Tempo, Champagne Opal Shell with Redwood Cabinet.

The entertainment of this hot tub spa are wireless sound system, wireless tv and Integrated MP3 sound system. Similar to many of the water features found on more expensive models, the Hot Spot water feature delivers a wide fanned out stream of water up into the air and into the spa's center. The sights and sounds of this waterfall play perfectly into what a Hot Spot Spa is all about- Relaxation.They have lots of model to choose on.

Morgan Hot Tub Spa dealer loacated in South Freeway, Fort Worth, Tx., offering many innovative accessories for your spa and hot tub, from the insulated spa covers to the waterproof, floating Mp3 player. What you should look for as an accessory to your home is a luxury hot tub. Luxury hot tubs supersede regular hot tubs with many defining features. For the ultimate in relaxation many include a dispenser for commercially made aroma therapy oils specially designed for spas.

For even greater relaxation many include mood lighting. Because your spa will be an accessory to your home there are many commercially available spa enclosures. To enhance the mood with sound and sensation there are waterfalls and fountains.

Also bear in mind that any tub can pose a danger to children. Always use a lockable safety cover and never leave children alone near an uncovered tub. Make sure your tub conforms to current safety standards. Have it regularly checked and serviced by a professional.


Choosing a hot tub can be a gratuitous task. You should take your time when choosing a hot tub and do your research. There is a lot to consider, things like electricity consumption, installation bills, costs of chemicals. One of the primary worries about purchasing a hot tubs spas is the extra money per month that they use. Not only is electricity waste an issue for you your bank account, but also the environment. Here are some things that you can do to try and cut down on electricity consumption:
The California Energy Commission issues CA Title 20 to hot tub models that meet their standards of energy efficiency in operation, hot tubs that have this title often have modern patented components that are designed to conserve energy.  Some names to look for include Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, Beachcomber, dreammakers spas and Arctic Spas.
Features such as using a Venturi air injector as opposed to an air pump requires no electricity
Get the best advanced computer controls you can afford, by having more control over the components the more altering you can do from factory settings according to your personal usage.
Insulation for a hot tub is key, the higher the R rating on the hot tubs cover, the more energy rich air coming from the water can be kept inside to keep the water heating. Six inches of foam insulation is recommended for the insulation of the tub inside the cabinet, never fiberglass because should it become wet it becomes worthless. The pump, motor and heating element should all be as close to the tub itself as possible so that useful heat energy can be transferred and put to good use.
Hot tub spas enclosures can help provide small area for your hot to be in that not only provides you from shelter from outdoor elements, but also prevents the abundance of cooler air from cooling the tub while it’s in use, and even when it’s not.
If you live in the Syracuse area, below are some locations of some dealers, as well as the brand names that they carry. This should give you some information to get you started on your research ahead of time without having to waste a trip out.
Located on West Taft Road is Cannon Pools and Spas. They primarily carry primarily Bahama Spas.
On West Genesee Street is Cool Waters Pool & Spa – They carry name brands like Bullfrog Spas, Saratoga Spas, Adirondack Spa, Gyser Spas and of course spa chemicals.
Tarson Pool and Spas is located on Manlius Center Rd – they carry Jacuzzi and Sunrise Spas.
Located on Manlius Center Rd. also is Liverpool Pool & Spa – they carry Hotspring and Caldera Spas.


What can be better than the divine feeling of sliding into steaming hot water to relax, at the end of a long tiring day? Generally, whenever people think about hot tubs spas, the first thing they associate with them is luxury. In reality, they offer much more than luxury. A dip in the hot tub ends all aches and pains. The warm water soothes the body as well as the mind. They are technologically designed in such a way that a dip in hot tub will surely refresh you.

Your hot tub or spas incorporate water pulsing action of jet streams.  It’s a great idea to test your hot tubs in showrooms before buying. Pay attention to the features of your hot tub.The company named Bell Pool & Spa located at South Walnut Ave. New Braunfels, TX has been a family owned and operated San Antonio Company since 1986. They start as a repair company, servicing pools and spas. Then, later expanded to two retail stores with a full line of pool-spa supplies, parts and accessories.  The brands they are dealing with, Lazboy® Spas, Hydropool hot tubs-swim spas, Clearwater Spas, Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc., Pentair Water Pool and Spa, and Ribee Water Sports,

Leslie’s Swimming Pool SUPPLY located at N Business Ih 35 New Braunfels, TX is world leader in residential & commercial pool supplies. Pool cleaners, pool chemicals, pool heaters, pool pumps, pool filters, pool covers, chlorine tabs, equipment & parts for the above ground & in ground pool & spas. Free water test & in-store repairs. They are selling Spas and Hot Tubs, accessories, chemical and fragrances.
New Braunfels Pool Company located at Copper Mtn New Braunfels, TX is family owned and operated offering friendly, reliable and exceptional pool services to New Braunfels and surrounding areas. Offers also a flexible pool service plans and a list of repair and pool maintenance services to meet your family’s needs and budget. Some pool services include: 1x Cleaning/Algae Removal (Green Pool), weekly pool cleaning, equipment leaks, salt system/ Ultraviolet installs, equipment repair and replacement, swimming pool re-plastering / renovation, unclog suction lines, solar pool heaters and pool inspections.

Dream Maker Spa tells you “ Live the dream”, and that exactly what these hot tubs do – allow just about any customers budget to purchase one of their high quality cheap hot tubs and enjoy the same amenities that only the rich could have in the past – talk about living the American Dream! Spa carries a variety of portable hot tubs, hot tub spas, accessories and parts at very reasonable discount hot tubs prices.
All dream maker spa, portable spas are 110 volt hot tub spas, meaning that you can plug your portable hot tubs into a standard American outlet, without the need of special wiring. These hot tubs can be installed quickly, and in no time you’ll be enjoying it. Just plug it in, and get ready to play in your new Dream Maker Spa!